Yagmur Sivaslioglu (pronounce as Yaamur Sivaslioolu)

as known as Yagmur Siva on youtube has more than 346.000 views

guitarist – singer – composer – arranger born in Turkey.

Completed her musical and classical guitar education at MSM with M° Husrev Isfendiyaroglu

(brasilian and south american classical guitar repertoire and technique) in Istanbul,Turkey

Accademia Romana with M° Massimo Delle Cese (musical performing with classical guitar) in


Conservatory of Venice with M° Marco Nicolè (renaissance,baroque,romantic,classical guitar

performing and technique).

First winner of International Music Competition Paolo Barasso.

Won a scolarship in Competition “Gli Amici d’Irina” at Ferrara.

She performed hundred of recitals and tour in Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland

and England.

Germany’s famous music band Söhne Mannheims’ s guitarist Kosho mentioned for her ;

”Her music is so beautiful as her…”

Guitar Magazine of Italy Chitarre Magazine ;

“She created a fan club after her amazing performance…”

Spanish blogger Juan Miguel Gascon Gallego;

“With her original compositions, Armenian and Turkish music took the audience to another place

with an exotic touch … ‘

Released ‘Chakra Duo – Sensations’ album with Italy’s most important world music recording

company CNI Music.

Continue to teach as a professor in masterclasses, composing, and performing all around the

world .

Recording her solo album which will be included her own compositions and compositions dedicated

to her.